About LAIS

Our Mission

LAIS' objective is to provide quality education to one and all, whilst striving to excel.

The LAIS offers an international educational framework for guiding young minds with knowledge, skills, humanistic values, and learning experiences, enabling students to be lifetime learners, critical thinkers and innovators, and creative and ethical students with a global perspective capable of serving national and international interests.

Our Vision

Freedom to Think, Dream, Explore and Enrich.

To impart quality education through a qualified faculty, sound infrastructure and the right environment for enabling our learners` all-round development. As a result, we are evolving as an educational institution that provides comprehensive growth for self-enrichment and empowerment. This will be accomplished by adhering to our mission statement and committing to the highest level of ethics, honesty, and excellence.


Social Responsibility

We value our belief of global responsibility to change the world to make it a better place to live for humankind.

Creativity & Innovation

We value igniting the spark of creativity, curiosity and imagination in our students to equip them for future challenges.

Confidence & Responsibility

We value fostering confidence in our learners to be ready to take up future responsibilities.

Celebration & Pride

We value celebrating and feeling pride in the achievements, be it big or small.

Respect & Empathy

We value our belief that nurturing empathy makes a person respect others.


We value Lifelong learning.


Welcome to LAIS!

LAIS is a step forward to the changes in English education in Luanda city. LAIS offers quality education on par with international education to the students in its care. 

Children are our priority, and we firmly believe that every child has talent and abilities that are as unique as their personality. We create amazing opportunities for students and collaborate effectively with parents, who are our most valued partners.

Our teachers understand the efforts needed to deliver effective learning. We provide an inclusive international community environment where collaboration results in personal excellence. Our strength lies in the success in different areas of performance – academic and non-academic – we explore, nurture, and celebrate it. I want to thank you for entrusting us with your child’s education and assure you that at LIAS, we are committed to bringing out the best in your child.




Mr Shams is the founder of Group Mafricom. The group has diversified business across the continent with first operation in DRC in 1991. Mr Shams started his venture in Angola in 2005. He initiated the foundation of LAIS in 2020. He believes in a Sustainable future for the current and future generations. His support to grow and be lifelong learners has inspired the school to reach from Primary to Junior College. Believing and serving the ‘Human Life’ is his mantra.

Mr. Shams

Mr Wasim is born in Kenya Mombasa. He completed his primary education from South Africa and Secondary education from Toronto Canada. He has completed his Bachelors in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship. Mr Wasim is further driving the growth of the Group Mafricom and instrumental in expansion of the company into Angola and Ghana. He led the LAIS project in 2020 and since then have been an active part of the school management.

Mr. Wasim

Mr Paul is a General Manager of Mafricom, Angola. Paul, a pioneer of the LAIS project, was driven by the need for an international school providing holistic education in Luanda for his boy and other children their age. He is married with two children and believes high-quality and international curriculum should be accessible to a wider public in Luanda. His regular administrative support to LAIS contributes immensely to the country he loves and lives in.

Mr. Paul


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